Top Definition

1. The Shit.
2. The ultimate of quality.
3. Best of the best.
1. Yo' man this 40 is the siznic that you be having in this hizzie.

2. Michael Jordan is the Shiznic at Basketball.
by Ric October 21, 2005
A name that one uses to imitate a black person on AOL instant messenger.
Yo, my name is shiznic, whats crackalackin?
by Mike March 03, 2004
Is the Shit-Walks talks and acts the Shit-Loves Being The shit-Pronounces he is the Shit when he walks in a room
Whats up Shiznic? Girl to guy-or You keeping it real on that shiznic-may ways to use it
by Rebecca Hartman March 06, 2006
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