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The rarest most awesomest form of a kitten... a shitten.
Hey, I have a pet shitten.
by Shanzo January 02, 2005
A young cat that is a shithead.
My six month old cat Nuka is a little shitten, who will one day grow up to be a scat.
by Holly Green September 12, 2010
When your cat takes a crap so big it appears as if it gave birth.
DUDE!... I found out where that smell was coming from. I checked the cat-box and it looks like my cat had a litter of shittens!
by Dexter Dougles March 20, 2010
so smitten and in love with somebody that you shit yourself; smitten+shit=shitten
that girl is so sexy and awesome...i'm totally shitten about her
by sanjosharkfan14 April 18, 2011
A term used to describe the state of ones' hands after the successful completion of fisting someone or something in the anus due to their similarity to brown mittens.

Derived from: "shit mittens"

Also can be used as a show of surprise, anger, or disappointment.
Person 1: "So, did you get your brown wings last night then?"
Person 2: "Not only did i get them, I also got a pair of shittens!"

Person 1: "Shittens mate! thats fuckin brill!"

by Team lean supreme May 26, 2008
noun, slang

The term for a pair of socks worn as emergency mittens to clean oneself after a drug induced festival attack of diahorrea.
"Day 2 - 12.00pm - after his accident ,and in an act of desperation, Shakey Blakey removed his retro Pumas and turned his socks into temporary Shittens, so he could clean himself up enough to not offend anyone else watching the De La Soul set. Party on!!"

- Ronny Biggs' Essential Festival Diary 2001

by Ronny Biggs October 21, 2005
A shit the size of a kitten.
"Dude, why is your asshole bleeding?"
"Oh, I had a shitten this morning."
by Sir Bobbio Vicenzeria August 11, 2008
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