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a person. or a good friend
"yo nuka, whut up with ya?"
by kris B March 02, 2006
111 36
it is your main nigga from the hood
fuck u nuka
"yeah in the butt"
by cameron bbb May 28, 2007
84 37
The greatest COD4 clan

The hippest word on the street that can be used in any way!

Officially written as NµKá but changed to Nuka for easy typing purposes.

Anything that associates with a person with the last name Acker.

Can also be a role call to your friends.
Guy 1: "Hey, what's up broski?"

Guy 2: "Nothin much, Nuka!"


Friend: "Where's Acker?!"
Acker: "Nuka!"
Friend: "Problem solved."
by jick nanicki September 09, 2008
22 33
A homosexual dick licking faggot who swears he's a true dowg
Oh my god look at that nuka trying to be luis and slushie
by truedoug101 December 05, 2010
15 27
breast, ta ta's, boobs.. etc.
Shorty has some fine nukas!
by M July 03, 2003
12 95