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Shitlins usually consists of chewing tobacco such as skoal or copenhagen in the lip. It is the fattest lip you can put in
Hey there son you got some shitlins in that lip?
by craig boy August 03, 2009
When you pack a fat lip. Shitlins is the dip in your lip. Shitlins is usualy used in the south. True shitlins consist of copenhagen or straight skoal.
"Whats thay in your lip, shitlins? "
by dballsack August 02, 2009
(as opposed to 'Litt'lins) Council estate children aged from around 2-9 years old. Mal-nourished (due to their diet of micro chips, turkey dinosaurs and Kwick Save cherryade), filthy dirty, foul mouthed, usually dressed in knock-off local market designer clothes. Parents (single mums who spend their benefits on lambert & butler, scratchcards, and peroxide blonde bleach) chuck them out the house all day so they can fuck their cousins in peace. They hang around in gangs, throwing stones at cars, shouting badly pronounced swear words and being so inbred, have under-developed bodies, dribble, are covered in snot and marmite and should be culled.
"Why are you looking so pissed off, Will?"
"A bunch of shit'lins on the Amory council estate pelted my Jag with stones as I drove by."
by Miles TC June 29, 2006
small little turds at most 1/2 as big as regular turds.
man I thought I had to take a colossal shit, but it just turned out to be a few shitlins
by his dudliness January 26, 2014
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