A huge shit or dump. The biggest shit in your life.
A: i took a shitbomb last night!
B: Oh dude how big was it?
A: Effing huge an andaconda!
B: Thats definately a shitbomb
by Beastly beast jf March 15, 2009
You shit in a balloon, fill the bag with helium, tie it and watch it fly away. It will pop and shit with land on someone. You can do this with a water balloon and throw it at someone from a roof.
Dood lets shit bomb that chick. She will flip the fuck out then let's grab her and run.
by Giiggllez June 29, 2013
When you saran wrap a piece of poop and launch it at stuff.
We bust out the launcher and we shot poop 250 yards to our enemies.
by DougMR August 07, 2005
A person who constantly bugs you, yet is good for doing things you don't want to do. I.E. little brothers.
Shit bomb, fetch me a glass of water.
by Megisawesome February 28, 2009
when you are getting a rimjob and you purposly shit in your partners mouth, (usually a gay person)
wow last night i got really shit bombed by shaun.
by prestonr09 April 16, 2009
Something that's super cool. Used sarcastically, it makes fun of people who use played out slang in calling something 'the shit' or 'the bomb'.
Dude, those boots are the shitbomb.
by Monty Block November 18, 2003
A bomb packed full of shit.
Bobby left a shit bomb in Cindy's house which days later left her house in shitty shambles.
by Slobby Chode February 14, 2003
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