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Shit Shot

A shit shot is a form of sarcasm, mixed with contempt, disdain and passive aggressive verbal attacks hidden under guise of speaking in general. In reality the shit shot is directed at a specific person who the shit shotter has contempt disdain and more often than not is jealous of. A shit shot is crafted either verbally or in writing (usually Social media). and in such a way the person throwing the shot shot can gas light the victim and appear innocent to their audience.
Nicole posted on Facebook, "I'm glad I'm not the only woman with a mustache."
Nicole was throwing a shit shot at her dad's ex, who has hyperpigmentation /discoloration/shadow on her upper lip.
by No Limit Charlie E. March 18, 2015
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Taking pictures when u look like fucking shit!! A filthy hot mess.
Hey susan we have no makeup on and our hair is in ponytails... Lets take a shit shot!!
by shanimallover October 17, 2010
A shorthand for "This shit is hot" or "This is hot stuff." Often used online in instant messaging or through comments on a social networking site. Can be used in plain speaking also.
Girl: I like your new haircut.
Boy: Yeah, shit's hot.

Person commenting on picture of friends on Myspace: Shits hot.
by TakeandBreak June 12, 2008
A shit shot is the absolute worst shot known to mankind. It is a vile concoction of beer end-drippings, vodka residue and partially dried tequila gravy. Actually, you know what, no. Whatever. I don't give a shit, there's no formula, just make like a chapstick-eating homeless dude and power the sad bitter remnants of anything you enjoyed drinking earlier into a hateful slurry closer genetically to liquefied sheep vomit and engine grease than liquor that will nevertheless get you mildly drunk, albeit in a self-hating way.
After gagging down half a dozen shit shots, in addition to some genuine liquor, Hannah's night was ruined utterly.
by Brandon 'Faggot' Parent September 30, 2010
the act of taking a shot of liquor at the exact moment you are defecating.
would you like a shit-shot?
by shitshotter May 11, 2011

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