sutherland shire. A hinterland in which normal aussies, pride of their culture, reside in the phantasmagorical surroundings. We are free of any predicaments other parts of NSW endure such as lebs and drity westies. We won't stand for gangs on our beaches bashing life guards, stealing peoples property and kicking sand at innocent families. we don't care how other districts describe us because we all know that there are only two types of poeple. Those who live in the shire and those who want to live in the shire. SUTHERLAND SHIRE RULES.
(non shire person)- those hobbits never leave the shire.
(shire resident)- one, we don't need to leave the shire. two, we don't care what you say. and three, i know your jealous of the shire
A sheltered place in the south of Sydney. "Shire Folk" as the people of the Sutherland Shire are known don't often leave the shire.
Sarah: Hey Alice do you want to go to Bankstown??
Alice: I don't want to leave the shire.
by sarah_05 June 18, 2005
aussie dominated area of sydney

only known place in sydney not to have lebs in it
sutherland is a nice place, too many fkn bush fires
by largo September 17, 2004
the same thing as sure just sounds better
wanna go get some chicken? shire dude
by bert October 30, 2003
Home of Frodo baggins, Samwise gamgee, Meriadoc brandybuck, Peragrin took and Bilbo baggins- the most famousest of hobbitses
Gandalf: Back in the day, Thorin gave Bilbo a shirt of methril
Gimli: Oh!that was a kingly gift!
Gandalf: yes! i never told him, but its worth was greater than the entire Shire
by Zellie February 26, 2004
Only part of Sydney where by law all citizens must carry a Shire Calander when travelling abroad.
When a Shirine meets new people. "Hi everyone, My name is Aimee, I'm from the Shire, Australia." Producing calander from bag. "and this is where I live."
by Pascal April 22, 2005
The Irish word for "Shower"
"Iain, I'm taking a Shire"
"I stink, I need a Shire"
"Why is there cabbage growing in my Shire?!"
by Captain Happy Pants March 02, 2005
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