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1. A Straightforward, honest, and caring person.
2. A person that is very inteligent and wise but is misunderstood literally and figurativly.
1. I cant understand Bobby, he never participates in class but he achieves the best grades, what a Neville.
2. Wow Christina organized a surprise birthday party for the mail clerk, that was so Neville of her.
by TheBrain914610 February 03, 2010
n.) When an unintelligent, unpopular, overall pathetic person undergoes an extreme personallity change and becomes brave, admired, and physically attractive.

Derived from the character Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series, who in the final book transformed from forgetful and inept to a hero of the war.
Wait, who's that hot guy over there on the motorcycle?

That's John, you idiot.

WHAT? What happened to his suspenders?

He did a Neville. Now he's a total hottie badass. :)
by PotterGeek19 January 02, 2011
A sexy PARSI scientist who has an inclination for the booty
"That boy in our class is such a dork!"
--"Naw, he's a neville!"
by julij September 27, 2007
A person who shows the traits of ineptitude, incompetence and general numb-skullery; a person with little awareness of those around them and their surroundings; frequently leaves those around them questioning 'what on earth was that all about?'; induces much head-scratching; displays some traits of a reprobate.
"What on earth was that all about?
How badly was he/she dribbling....what a neville."
by nevillejudger September 14, 2009
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