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A mixture of Shweet and Spiffy, best of both worlds ya'know?
That was a shiffy movie!
by Teh W. Crack Fairy March 16, 2008
A person (usually female) who drinks quite a lot! A shortening of the phrase shitfaced
'Look at her, she can hardly stand up straight, she's proper shiffy!'
by Ja KE November 29, 2007
An amazing, yet clever combination of the phrase "shit face." Although still mean, it provides for a less obvious or explicit way of making fun of someone who you may not like.
"Oh, here comes Jillian. Look at her face: it's ugly and mean looking and her face looks like she's going to take a shit whenever she looks our way. She's a regular shiffy."


"Oh, here comes Shiffy!"
by Ballerrrrrr August 27, 2007
Girls naturally born with bad attitudes, which are reflected in there ugly "shit faces"
Here comes "shiffy" the mean faced girl down the hall who constantly shoots us dirty glares.
by yeahyo August 27, 2007

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