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Take the piss
Blud dont Shegg man

Dont take the piss out of me
by Chuka May 16, 2003
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A person who has an addiction to prime beef and found to be threatening Pinky a lot. Always mentally unstable.
Be free, Sheggs. BE FREE!
by amataxi November 25, 2004
(shoes with eggs) get some eggs, boil them and put them in someone's shoes.
OMG, look at those sheggs
by FRLRUBETT August 15, 2011
How you feel when you are well tired and want to sleep.
Used in the place of the word "shag" or "shagged".
Man, I feel shegg.

Stop it, before you shegg the fin

Fling the shegg......
by Rigsworth Blows July 20, 2004

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