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A term for a Welshman.
Youse a sheepshagger mate.
by Groin Crastohf August 05, 2009
Someone who has sex with sheep.
''Those Aberdeen fans are all Sheep Shaggin' bastards''
by Brendan April 07, 2003
To have sexual intercourse with a sheep. Preferably the sheep is an ewe to avoid others thinking the shagger is homosexual. However, if none are available, to ram a ram in its anus is perfectly acceptable.
He is so ugly that he cannot bag any chicks and has to resort to being a sheep shagger instead. I hope he stops before he catches something.
by Dick Splash 2 June 13, 2009
A virgin farmer from County Roscommon in Ireland who enjoys sexual intercourse with sheep.
Hay John did ya scor in Rockfords last night...

No Frankie. Had to make do with the ould ewe when I got home.

Go on you auld Roscommon sheep shagger.
by Roscommon Rose August 13, 2006
anyone who owns a farm with a wife who doesn't fit there expectations
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
People Who engage in this "pastime" are usually found south of the greater city in the north west liverpool commonly it is an activity holiday for mancs they go to wales find a farm which isnt hard then they fcuk sheep. the reasoning behind this is the girls in manchester are so disgusting it burns your eyes and scouse girls have the common sense not to touch this hideous specimen
Scouser:- Why do u shag Sheep?
Manc:- whats it to do with you ar kid?
Scouser 'bang' chekky sheep shagger
by Simundo September 15, 2006
A person who shags sheep bottoms
daz and hicks go down to the farm and loves to give it up the sheeps bottoms
by Tony July 12, 2003