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(noun) - an arrogant and conceited person; believes he/she is better than everyone else
- someone who thinks they are above the rules because he/she is better than the people the rules apply to
- someone who does not believe he/she has peers because no one is equal to him/her
- someone who thinks he/she is what "awesome" looks like
However, in reality, none of these things are accurate.
Person 1 -"I just stacked 250 bales of hay. I'm super awesome"
Person 2- "You're such a feenix."

Person 1- "I'm so much better at remembering letters than everyone else."
Person 2- "You're not nearly as smart as you think you are. You're a feenix"

Person 1- "My life sure is super duper awesome. Your life is lame"
Person 2- "You take that back, you feenix! You don't know my life!"
by ThisIsMyPseudonymOkay? October 10, 2012
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Self-important blow hard, with fat knees and a website full of homosexuals.
That dude is such a Feenix.
by B May 25, 2003

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