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The state of having so many substances going though your body that you say insane things, humiliate yourself in public, and risk being arrested all in the name of a good time, reminiscent of the actor Charlie Sheen.
We went to 6 different clubs last night in NYC... Drinks, shots, dancing, more shots, more drinks... It was off the hook and way beyond out of control... I have never been so messed up in my entire life, we were totally sheenfaced.
by HBieber March 04, 2011
Completely and utterly smashed on one or a combination of drugs. Like shitfaced but on the deity-like level of Charlie Sheen.
I just picked a 7 g rock, let's get Sheenfaced
by TheChinsk March 08, 2011
The state of intoxication when you feel everything is epic, you have tiger's blood and are constantly winning.
Dude, that party was epic. I got so Sheenfaced.
by Dag_Nasty March 20, 2011
To take more drugs than anyone can survive by banging seven gram rocks. A lot like being shit faced but instead of alcohol its more crack cocaine. Originated from Charlie Sheen having a brain that is not from this terrestrial realm and/or tiger blood.
Fred: Bro, I heard Mark died.
Rob: What, how?
Fred: He tried to get Sheen Faced
by YeahTO March 20, 2011
When you go out and get absolutely smashed, drunk, pissed and inebriated.

A portmanteau of Sh*tfaced and Charlie Sheen.
Guy 1: Hey bro, what you get up on Saturday? Bang any 7 gram rocks?
Guy 2: Went out and got absolutely Sheenfaced, that's how i roll.
by Nickl246 March 16, 2011
The state of being whacked out on a boatload of cocaine.
Dude, did you hear Mellisa screaming at the party last night after doing lines?
Yeah, she was so Sheenfaced!
by Pat McDaddy March 19, 2011