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A Mellisa's beauty is inconceivable. The last man to lay eyes on her was Stevie Wonder.

A Mellisa does not get frost bite. She bites frost.

If a Mellisa is late- time better slow down.

Should you ever come across a Mellisa give her a compliment. Just kidding, she wont be surprised- a Mellisa hears thoughts.
dam thats mellisa fine
by lukethighwalker87 February 22, 2010
A common but rare name given to a girl who mothers come from certain cultures or like to give a twist to Melissa and change it to Mellisa.

Pronounce: Mel-Lisa but also can be said like Melissa

They are creative people, with a brilliant smile and heart for the world to see. They're only care for caring and if you leave her behind, she'll be thankful for the memories you left, for she treasure them or learnt something from them.

Even if you try and temper with them, they try and keep reasonable, even through, like any other person they can break, only certain people can make this person feel better. e.g. friends, family, boyfriends ect.

Tough as stone and frail as an angel, they know how to fly, but will slow down to help others around them. They're sweet and protective people and will mother those who get close them.

Mellisa is someone who are rare to find, but someone you wished to keep when you really notice them.
Friend:"Hey, can help me with this?"
Mellisa:"Sure, what the prob?"
by Unicorndanceonyourdeadbody January 10, 2015
Mellisa can mean 'Honey Bee'. But can also mean Frail, Beautiful, and Thin. Not only is it that but Mellisa is, obviously, a womans name. Usually these women are frail thin, and decently beautiful.
Mmmm this is some good Mellisa.
Shes so Mellisa, She needs to eat something!
Ooh he called her Mellisa, how cute.
by JJC & Micky May 13, 2008
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