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The state of having so many substances going though your body that you say insane things, humiliate yourself in public, and risk being arrested all in the name of a good time, reminiscent of the actor Charlie Sheen.
We went to 6 different clubs last night in NYC... Drinks, shots, dancing, more shots, more drinks... It was off the hook and way beyond out of control... I have never been so messed up in my entire life, we were totally sheenfaced.
by HBieber March 04, 2011
An incident that causes 1 or multiple parties to be "defriended" via a social network.
Right after the whole defriendcident I called her triflin a*s to let her know the deal. So you can run and tell that.
by HBieber August 24, 2010
The absolute best version of something.
That party Friday night was hot, Mos Def even rolled through. However Saturday night's party was the dopest supreme, son.
by HBieber September 20, 2010
When you merge your planned and anticipated outcome to propose/assume a super-end result.
If used in the negative it means your planned and anticipated outcome was nothing like you expected.
Sean: I knew we shouldn't have robbed the bank! That stupid trick lied to us!
Leroy: Sho ya right but yo a*s got away... I knew lock up would be rough... But what I didn't planticipate on was mofo's always asking me for 80 dollars.
by HBieber August 27, 2010
Someone that makes a negative comment on your status, in turn changing the whole tone of the comment and/or thread.
I just had my first defriendcident of the New Year when that status hater decided to act a fool and made a wack comment on my status.
by HBieber January 25, 2011
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