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A girl sticks her finger up your ass and screams shazam. Like from the I Dream of Jeanie show only a sexual move.
The sex was normal until she gave me a shazam. I was like, wait a minute this was not one of my three wishes.
by LuckyAZ December 29, 2011
6 11
An expression used when something unusual or unbelievable occurs. Also, when something very good or bad occurs.
Shazam! The martions just landed!
by Melon August 27, 2003
29 36
1. A term used in World of Warcraft or other MMORPGs that has substituted the word ding or level.

2. A word used to express gleefulness and enjoyment as an exclamation.
1. Shazam! I just hit 70 with my super-duper blood elf pally! Shizzyizzyzam!

2. Shazam! I just pulled off a threesome with two twins! Shizzyizzyzam!
by J McDee February 11, 2008
6 14
The act of using the iPhone app Shazam to identify a song heard anywhere.
Person 1 pulls out iPhone.
Person 2: any cool new songs?
Person 1: yeah listen to this
Person 2: awesome! where did u find this?
Person 1: I SHAZAMED IT!!
by Stremp January 26, 2010
38 47
What Dane Cook says to himself when he's excited.
i pay for my merch. okay? and then, i start heading towards the door okay, im calm im cool im collect. im being really savvy, the way i walk towards the door, but inside im really celebrating, im thinkin SHAZAM
by scene_hU July 31, 2006
14 24
When Avid Merrion plays David Blaine on Bo Selecta, he says, "shazam" and shows his tatoo of an eye on his hand.
After he duzza trick, he looks at the person he has dun the trick on and says, "Shazam!" n duz thats weird handy fing n that walk! LOL!
by JenRo n Boof August 21, 2003
7 17
"Worst movie ever made. Features Shaquielle O'neil, who not only can't play basketball, but is the worst rapper and actor ever.

I developed a severe migraine after watching Shazzam."

I believe that movie is called "Kazaam". Pwned.
by anonymous May 20, 2003
5 15