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The act of living a lifestyle in which no fucks are given by the individual or shartee. Usually occurring under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc., but this is not a requirement of being or becoming sharty.
Sarah Palin: "I heard Dhut got sharty last night, but I don't even know what that means."
Samuel L. Jackson: "You dumbass muthafucka."
Morgan Freeman: "Dhut was at Bailey's and broke more glasses of beer than she drank."
Samuel L. Jackson: "That shit was sharty as fuck."
by Dhut Shart October 04, 2011
related to, or having the same qualities as a shart

Randy : Aw son, we gotta bounce, i'm feeling sharty.

Victor : The roast beef po-boy?

Randy : And you know this....

by blindslug September 21, 2008
A stupid way people from atlanta say shorty.
Yo sharty I'm from atlanta we should hook up!
Yo juss a silly ass country nigga!
by Dennis November 29, 2003
A shitty party.
You didn't tell me that the social gathering last night was going to be such a bore! Boy, that sure was a sharty if I've ever seen one!
by The Nuge2 September 05, 2008
When a Spartan "sparty" football fan opens their mouth and tries to speak of football, the only thing that comes out is crap. Very similar to a shart, but in a verbal sense.
Neal: If we can score more points, we ought to win today.
Bob: I sure hope you're right.

Neal: Sharty On Bob!
Bob: Sharty On Neal!
by big10monster January 18, 2011
The process of a fart in which fecies is discharged into the gitchies.
Ahhhh Dude, we just have to go I had a sharty
by Hoop March 20, 2005