Blue-haired sprite comic author. Knowledgeable about Mecha anime. Enjoys arguing with people who are convinced Gundam is the best thing since sliced bread.
<Shard> Swear to god. You go up to St. Peter, he'll ask you "What next-gen console did YOU get?" You reply "PS2" honestly, he'll just nod with a wink and a smile. You're in.
by Lyrai December 28, 2003
When Someone Does A Little Stain from poop in there pants!
I Think I Just Sharded Man We Gotta GO!!!!
by Assistant Coach for GCS November 17, 2004
to be shard is to be rude or insulting to ones friends or even often followed up with flip flop or i'll go bacon on your ass
nah man no need to get shard man theres no need to go shard to the extreme man ill flip flop yo ass
by bubblebobblebumcha July 10, 2004
1)another word for harsh, comes from the word cold and ice shard, taking the meaning of cold to mean harsh.

2) also you could use the term 'The cutting edge of shard' this is if soming is REALLY harsh.
'you didn't have to be that shard.'
'thats shard man'
by Scieh July 16, 2004
Homosexual term for crystal methamphetamies.
i smoke shards of speed.
by Eric Sleezy E Jackson March 08, 2005
A little bit Shit and a little bit fart.
Oh man I though I had to fart but I think sharded instead. I need to go wipe after that one.
by BCE_MN November 21, 2006
The act of farting in your pants, and it seems to spray your underwear like a spraypaint can.
"Yo B., this dude just sharded his pants!"
by StingraY June 21, 2004

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