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1) n. any gathering of people centered around listening to and dancing to electronic music, as played by a set of live djs. Originated in 1989 in the UK as underground, often illegal gatherings in abandoned warehouses. Often characterized by the positive, psychedelic atmosphere, influnced often (but not always) by drugs and casual sex.

2) v. to dance in a style characteristic of dancers at raves, synonymous with fluid, liquid
1) There is this awesome rave tomorrow night in a warehouse downtown; all these famous djs will be playing

2) Some clubbers don't like it when I rave to hip-hop music ;-)
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
n. The lifestyle concept of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Originated in a speech by NYC DJ Frankie Bones early in the history of raves, it's undefined dogma of comraderie for all humanity has been adopted by many ravers as an attempted lifestyle.
We as a community need to observe PLUR in our everyday lives; the reason we love the people around us is because we all love the music, and so we should try to reach beyond that and embrace our fellow man.
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
n. a style of electronic music originating in the late 80's in the USA characterized by four-on-the-floor bpms between 110-140, synthesized melodies and bass lines.
DJ Gldfnger plays great house at the club down the street.
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
n. the rave concept of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, & Responsibility, principles by which most candy ravers attempt to live their lives in and out of raves. Adapted from the original PLUR to include responsibility in response to the abuse of drugs, people, and venues within the rave community, in the hope that the community will recieve a more positive reputation from its members and critics.
PLURR is a way of life for me.
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
n. slang for crystal methamphetamine, a highly addictive and muscle-deteriorating drug usually snorted into the nose in crystalline "shards"
My friend did shards for a couple months, then spent over a year in rehab. Lesson here: don't do 'em.
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
n. turntables, often specifically (but not necessarily) Technics SL1200 series turntables, noted for their steel platters
This is DJ Hyper manning the wheels of steel tonight.
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
n. a display of lights and touches administered with glowsticks, flashing LEDs, etc. by a person to another who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, particularly ecstasy. This is done in order to enhance mental stimulation provided by the vision-altering substance.
Dude, I just gave a lightshow to that high guy, and he nearly passed out!
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
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