A clear glass like piece of methamphetamine.
I just got paid today. got me a pocket full of shards. Behold, the shard of destiny!
by that guy that welds September 28, 2014
The end result of a wet fart where one will find residual turd-lets in their underwear. If not cleaned promptly, the likely outcome of a shard and impact to the underwear is called a skid-mark.
After that mean bean burrito from Filliberto's, I ripped a huge fart and when I finally got to the bathroom, low and behold I found a raisin sized shard nestled in my underwear and another one smashed in my ass hairs.
by cballznhoney February 15, 2012
Gamer slang for "destroy."

The term comes from MMORPGs that include a profession that destroys one thing for another. In world of warcraft, enchanting needed an ethereal type of material to craft enchantments on armor and weapons. It was obtained by "disenchanting" other pieces of special armor. The better the armor, the better the material. Because the material came out as dust and crystal shards, people called the act "sharding."

Because "sharding" a piece of armor would destroy it and replace it with expensive crafting materials, it was always a given that if your account was hacked by a chinese Farmer, he would shard all of your epic gear and sell the shards for gold.

It was also common for other players to do the same against one ex boy/girlfriend. See Example 1.

It became so ubiquitous, that it was used in games ever since. See Example 2.

It is also used by gamers in real life. See example 3.
1. I'm in your account, sharding your purples (epic gear).

2. Gragas' explosive barrel can shard a whole team.

3. Did you see that skater fall a second ago? I pretty sure he just sharded his teeth.
by Wotshish August 13, 2012

Gamer slang meaning "to destroy" something.

Origin: In world of warcraft, one could destroy gear and turn it into jewel shards. Which could be sold for alot of money. When someone's account got hacked, the hacker would "shard" all the gear and sell the shards. They would then send the gold to themselves, or a stranger as a last fuck you to the player. This was also done by chinese companies who sell game gold online for real money.
She left her character logged in, so I went onto her account to shard her gear. I noticed she had an epic staff, so I sharded that too.
by DickHounder June 27, 2012
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sceard; akin to Old English scieran to cut -- more at SHEAR
1 a : a piece or fragment of a brittle substance; broadly : a small piece or part b : SHELL, SCALE; especially : ELYTRON
2 usually sherd : fragments of pottery vessels found on sites and in refuse deposits where pottery-making peoples have lived
3 : highly angular curved glass fragments of tuffaceous sediments
There was nothing left of the earthenware vessels except for broken shards.
by Shawn February 24, 2004
A portmanteau of the verbs "shit" and "fart," which describes the instance of accidentally shitting one's pants based on the assumption of farting prior to release.

A bit of technical information:

Despite one's intuition that the un-inflected form of the verb would be "shart," (borrowing the onset from "shit" and the rhyme of "fart") It's phonological realization, "shard," implies that the word entered the lexicon as "sharted."

Much in the same way the words "writer" and "rider" can not be distinguished from one another in speech with out a rich enough context (because they sound the same), "sharded" and "sharted" will also sound identical due to flapping. Hence, speakers of English chose "shard" as opposed to "shart" by means of back-formation. Selection of the phoneme /d/ over /t/ can likely be attributed to the feature {+voice} of the flapped consonant.
Aw man! I think I just sharded my pants!
by k.trü May 02, 2009
A large crystal like rock, usually bigger than a piece of rice is known as a shard.
The glass diamond shards he place onto the scale weigh 3.5 grams.
by Asian Nate January 31, 2004

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