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Typical name for most handsome man in the room. Also name for people who is very well-known among everyone for awesome reasons.
That guy is definitely a Sharad. Just look at all the girls looking at him.
by mooney4me April 12, 2012
A student who ditches school for no particular reason, especially if a test or large assignment is due the next day.
He pulled a Sharad when he found out there was an English essay due the next day.
by dicksasstits November 18, 2011
Although an Indian name, it also is a common Nigerian name for the leader and most awesome of people. Also people called "Sharada" mean the big-dicked, i.e. fearless.
He is a true Sharad.
What a Sharada.
by Qceucn February 25, 2012
Someone who is a total FRAUD!
Sharad Jain
by mojo-jojo-jojo December 08, 2010