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A student who ditches school for no particular reason, especially if a test or large assignment is due the next day.
He pulled a Sharad when he found out there was an English essay due the next day.
by dicksasstits November 18, 2011
Typical name for most handsome man in the room. Also name for people who is very well-known among everyone for awesome reasons.
That guy is definitely a Sharad. Just look at all the girls looking at him.
by mooney4me April 12, 2012
Although an Indian name, it also is a common Nigerian name for the leader and most awesome of people. Also people called "Sharada" mean the big-dicked, i.e. fearless.
He is a true Sharad.
What a Sharada.
by Qceucn February 25, 2012
Someone who is a total FRAUD!
Sharad Jain
by mojo-jojo-jojo December 08, 2010

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