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To be defended by Shaq, and while you defend him, he suddenly engulfs you with his body, and you disappear for the remainder of the game into the locker room. When you wake up, the game is over and you have no idea about how you got to the locker room in the first place.
Navid: Damn man where the hell am I?

Angel: Dude, you were shaqed.

Navid: Holy shit, I knew it.

Angel: It was crazy.
by Navsun September 17, 2009
To get drunk, lost, smashed, panged and lose everything.
"Dude I was so shaqed last night. Passed out on a couch, left my bag somewhere and abused a chick for taking a crap!"
by Themothnemesis January 19, 2014
To be blcoked while goining up for a lay-up or a shot in basketball
Same as blocked , stuffed , packed.
ball bounces
"DAMM , You got shaqed , fa shunnin"
"So , u cant even play ball"
"at leas i dint get shaqrd"
"bens a pimp aint he"
by Dj Trigger August 14, 2004
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