Shanter is shit banter, occuring most frequently between women, under false belief that they are indeed partaking in banter.
The girl, trying to be funny told a joke. None of the lads laughed - Shanter

Why did the man cross the road? Because his dick was on the other side - Shanter
by Raguman June 23, 2011
This is a description of a situation.
"thats a shanter"- shanter being a term of emapthy concerning
someones extreme misfortune.
"im sorry to hear about that, its a real shanter"

"thats a pure shanter"
by Dr. Poppenstein April 10, 2006
Shit + Banter = Shanter
Georgia Chandler is full of shanter, come back when you have something good to say!
by HEEBRUmonkey March 04, 2012
Used to express disgust at a perceived situation or person who has led to what is colloquially known as "banter death". The word is derived from the ancient Norse words "shi'eet" and "bounter", equivalent to modern day English "awful" and "chat" respectively.

In the 21st Century, the word's increased use has led to the creation of a number of variants. Chief among those that are accepted by the OED are:

- shanterrific (adjective)
- shanterful (adjective)

Amongst the more controversial recent variants of the word are:

- shantastic (adjective)
- shantabulous (adjective)

It is worth noting that the adoption of these latter two by a large number of youths has been the subject of much debate and their usage remains frowned upon in certain circles.
Said on seeing a friend attempting - and failing - to ride his small-engine moped over a straight stretch of road: "Shanter!"

"Look, Dave just fell of his moped, how absolutely shanterrific!"

Said on seeing a friend's repair bill after crashing and damaging a rented moped: "Well, this is pretty unbelievably shanterrific!"
by DSB1989 September 10, 2010
A word to describe someone with attrocious banter, or Shit Banter.
Peter "That lad Ross has the worst banter in the world, constant shit jokes, and not funny"
John "Yeah Ross is the king of Shanter."
by shanterking June 26, 2014
This word is the anithesis of banter, meaning that someone or something through acts or words causes destruction of banter.
It is derived from the two words shite and banter, i.e. shite talk.
It may be used as both an adjective (shanterful) and a noun (shanter).
Stephen Barry is the sultan of shanter

You are full of shanter
by The Finester April 20, 2005
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