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Shit + Banter = Shanter
Georgia Chandler is full of shanter, come back when you have something good to say!
by HEEBRUmonkey March 04, 2012
Normally an alcohol induced feeling.
The feeling you get when being on the verge of vomiting.
Im feeling really vomacidal
I drank so much last night i nearly committed vomacide.
by HEEBRUmonkey January 01, 2011
A Vomosaurus Rex is normally induced by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

Vomosaurus's must make them selves resemble a Tyrannasaurus Rex during the act of vomiting by bearing their teeth, bending their arms and sticking out two didgets on each hand.

They should also growl or make noises resembling a T-Rex during vomiting intervals.

Thus becoming a Vomosaurus Rex.
Jonny did the Vomosaurus Rex last night it was so funny.
by HEEBRUmonkey January 01, 2011

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