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One who looks up the definition of shankadoodle.
Hey. Look at you. You're pretty, I bet...shankadoodle.CORN!
by Jpick April 09, 2003
The customary (Dutch) expression of gratitude for good dick.
Yar, Hans garv me a gud rorgering. Shankadoodle.
by moolz January 20, 2005
1. a gigantic fiasco
2. a Navajo indianboy
3. shaft-master shaft
"Whoa, James, that was a major shankadoodle!"
by JIMMY April 11, 2003
1. a fiasco
2. act of being shafted
3. a let down
"Whoa, James, that was a major shankadoodle!"
by Jman April 09, 2003
One who is in love with two girls at the same time
Man, I'm in a pickle. Shankadoodle.
by Boo! April 09, 2003
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