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A gorgeous, amazing girl who knows how to make you smile all the time. Sweet, honest, and stunning. She'll make you enter a trance when you look her in the eyes.

Shala's are usually hilarious, and funny when you get to know them. You become friends with them instantly. You can tell Shala anything and not have to worry about having it get spread out in the world. She gets along with anyone and everyone. Once you get ahold of any Shala, you'll never want to lose her, because they're so special.
"MAN, there's this new girl..."
"Shala? YEAH, I know! She's awesome!"
"I love her so much! She's so funny!"
by January 12, 2012
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the amalgamation of two mind boggling
sexual machines that when combined have enough experience to drive any man to a jet like cum explosion
man that sha la is amazin at ticklin my balls
by daniel February 14, 2004
1)A gamer from that will leave a fucking mushroom print tattoo on your forehead if you cross the Pirates!!!

2)From the root word Shalafein - which in a certain John Marco book means "The Great Protector"
Shala scored a headshot on Ruf|0.

Shala just made sweet sweet love to your mother.
by Shala April 14, 2005

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