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1) CSpirates.com

2) A defunct counter-strike clan that is reduced to deflowering virgins, drinking insane amounts of rum, and breaking old women's hips.

3) A clan that will rise again!!
Jesus christ man, Ruf|0 just burnt my bible, raped my sister, and punched my dog!!

The mass murderer Darius is on the loose today, if you see him he has a 12 foot beard, a crazy stench from his unwashed body, and a sack-full of AXE cans.

Stay away from that man Shala! He'll read your email and steal your bank account!
by Shala April 15, 2005
1) See Shala

2) Word from a John Marco book meaning "The Great Protector" - And will leave a mushroom print tattoo on your head. CSPIRATES!!!
Shala pwnt your mom's face off.
by Shala April 14, 2005
1)A gamer from CSPirates.com that will leave a fucking mushroom print tattoo on your forehead if you cross the Pirates!!!

2)From the root word Shalafein - which in a certain John Marco book means "The Great Protector"
Shala scored a headshot on Ruf|0.

Shala just made sweet sweet love to your mother.
by Shala April 14, 2005
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