Coined by a couple of teenage girls from California, Shadowboxing is basically a much nicer word for dry humping.
Giggly Teenage Girl #1: So, did you guys have sex?
Giggly Teenage Girl #2: No, but we shadowboxed.
Giggly Teenage Girl #1: Bet that was fun.
Giggly Teenage Girl #2: It totally was. I accidently called him Jude, though.
by Natalie December 29, 2004
Top Definition
When a person punches in motion at nothing particular, preparing for a fight or physical fitness.
Rocky is well known for his Shadowboxing!
by Strong Chuy July 13, 2009
1. N. Small private fighting, in the near-dark, in any location. Usually two people fight for an allocated amount of seconds, which onlookers(who will also later participate) count. Generally the fighters take their shirts off. Hits above the shoulders and below the waist are illegal.
The teenagers, bored while waiting for their school concert to start, went into the bathroom for some shadow boxing.
by FasterFxOx December 31, 2007
Shadowboxing is the act of jacking off, skeeting, spanking the monkey, beating off, or choking the chicken in your rack with the curtains are closed and when you have a light on in your rack. Then a shodow of you beatin your meat is dispalyed for everyone who happens to look and notice it to see.
Morrow-"Norton...quit jacking off while looking at porn at night. we could see the shadow of you beatin your meat. quit fuckin shadowboxing."

Norton-" the hell can you see through those curtains!"

Morrow-"Norton the shadowboxer."
by Norton1987 June 14, 2008
When a white chick bangs a black fella.
Fathers always seem disappointed when their daughters start shadow boxing.
by JayD1961 June 10, 2008
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