A irish Police Garda
the shade is going to Murphy's Chiper for his dinner the fat fuck
by robyournansgaff May 14, 2016
Steven Carsch
when an individual acts in supicious or questionable ways similar to Steven Carsch, they are doing so in shade
by FunkyBeatz95 April 14, 2015
1. (noun) A pair of sunglasses

2. (adjective) a word used to describe an act that is mean, deceiving, or otherwise messed up, or "shady." it is basically a derivative of the word shady when used as an adjective.
1. Hey, that's a nice pair of shades you got on

2. What?! your taking your girl to the game but not me?! You said that you and me were gonna go a month ago when you bought the tickets! That's shades!
by orange county's finest April 29, 2011
Shade, n. (from Irish "shéadóg" meaning "blower") - term used to refer to the Gardaí Síochána or other law enforcement agency.

Comes from an era where gardaí carried whistles, which they blew to alert other gardaí and nearby civilians of crimes. The term "shéadóg" was commonly used to refer to gardaí (or other police) in the early 20th century. This became shortened to the English word "shade" in the traveller "gammer" slang, later becoming part of everyday usage.
"sketch bai, it's the shades!"
by 3ran April 19, 2012
A person who is shady in their actions on a day to day basis.
Where did mike go? He's being shade' again.
by Jasonheif September 09, 2010
1)When a person acts shady or sketchy
2)when a person says something and doesn't do it,

3)when a person doesn't call another person back
4)When someone does not keep it real
Example:Denny Amado, Kevin Vera
Example:Sorry I can't kick it man I have to go Study.
Your so shades man!
by ImFromLAfoo213allDay November 14, 2011
a local slang term for the cops. not to be confused with sunglasses
"oh bollocks here come the shades drop the weapon and run"
by chadsexington4 October 04, 2006
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