Slang word used to describe a member of the police,
the word shade comes from the term for -
"the tip of the cock off a piebald (knackers) horse!"
Keep an eye out for the shades
by happyrower January 16, 2009
a term used by retards when referring to shake(see marijuana)
"You got any bud?"
"Nah, all i got is some shade"
by Smokey Von Tedistein April 22, 2008
To be a person who has sold out their friends trust and respect for something they desire.
"Kharchi and Skipworth are a right bunch of shades!"
"Them to shadey characters better give us our bud back!"
"I swear down wheres that 8th and 10 gone"
by ViviD192 January 17, 2006
the proper way to say shorty, the way t-pain and the likes say it...

You take this word "shade" and say it phonetically.

SHA - DE !

also sounds like: "shah + day"
katie couric is my SHADE!
by 72886 June 10, 2009
"Shade" (plural "shades") - a term used to describe a man working for a government agency, be that the CIA, the FBI, Secret Service...whatever. Derived from their distinctive black sunglasses.
"Almost makes you wonder what exactly what would happen if you went up and ejaculated on the shades."
by Jim Henson's Dog October 11, 2008
To rob someone, or rip them off, usually for drugs.
I got shaded $110 dollars last night, for an ounce. That girl went up in the apartment and never came out. I waited an hour.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
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