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Mysterious, cool
You just got a recording contract? That's pretty shade.
by In a crushationship November 03, 2010
10 60
implying a negative experience.
That concert was a shade.
by Wig, Slaton, Brennan 1985 February 07, 2005
13 63
Someone you shagged but should not have. see tint
Bryony was a shade of robert.
by Shepherdess Tavern February 03, 2005
31 81
Any black person (African Descent). Used between blacks as an inside reference to one another.
Any shade goin' be there?
by chalk757 July 27, 2004
10 60
a person who tries to act black but isnt even close to being black. he is a poser and nothing else. shades can be real assholes most of the time, but its usually good 2 know one.
Person 1: god man, shades trying to act black again.
Person 2: Just let him be, he's a shade.
by Emily Cornfield January 02, 2011
15 66
a person who is part of the outcast social group; they are much like ghosts, but they are seen and heard.
1: Hey, did you just see that person?
2: Yeah, that's a shade
by ShadeHyouta October 17, 2008
18 69
"Shade" (plural "shades") - a term used to describe a man working for a government agency, be that the CIA, the FBI, Secret Service...whatever. Derived from their distinctive black sunglasses.
"Almost makes you wonder what exactly what would happen if you went up and ejaculated on the shades."
by Jim Henson's Dog October 11, 2008
32 83