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The name of a great, great band. Indierockemodealie. They're great. Check em out.
Piebald is one of the coolest bands around.
by SoniaHazard March 17, 2004
33 17
It means "of two colors"; "blotched with white and black". Used extensively in C.S. Lewis' book, "Perelandra", copywrited in 1944.
After Ransom's extended voyage through space in the translucent coffin, he emerged leperous-white on the one side of his body and golden brown on the other from the constant exposure to the sun it received; the green lady laughed and capered with mirth at the sight of his "piebald" stature.
by Woody Woolever September 08, 2003
14 5
Only one of the greatest bands ever!
Lets go to listen to pie bald
Okay, their bitchin!
by therealshit April 18, 2005
7 11