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1. The Act of getting Sexy.
2. The process of getting ready to impress the ladies.
"I will be right back, I have to go sexify myself for this evening."
by Brian March 28, 2005
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verb- to make something or someone sexy.
Wearing a formal uniform will sexify a man.

"You need a makeover. Try an Army uniform to sexify your look."
by Anna "Mags" Tasker May 01, 2008
to make sexy

usually used as a past tense adjective: to be sexified
I'm sexified tonight!
by doomy mcdoom March 26, 2005
the preparation of making oneself desirable for sex
In order to sexify herself, Zoe bought lingerie.
by ErickaB January 06, 2008
1) Act of self-satisfaction that may or may not involve sexual activity with a second person.

2) Incorporating knowledge from a SHAPE presentation to make yourself look and feel sexy in a socially, physically and emotionally responsible way.
Milly is going to sexify her study time with a little r & r.
by SHAPEpeers June 28, 2012
1. To sexually Satisfy a person, place or thing.
2. To sexually Testify to something
3. To Sex somehting up
1. I sexified you all long last night.
2. I sexify to the charges in question
3. I'm gonna sexify my ride.
by Jordan December 07, 2004
1. Sexify sex-uh-fie (verb): To completely satisfy someone sexually, usually through extended foreplay and creative physical stimulations.

2. Sexify sex-eh-fie (verb): To enhance one's own innate sexiness in attempts to get laid, or for self-esteem boosts.
1. You're so hot baby, I can't wait to sexify you allllllll night long.

2. After a long day of workin' I'm gonna go sexify myself and then hit the clubs.
by Masturmind February 19, 2011

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