a show about 3 hookers and their mom
did u watch sex and the city last night

no i dnt watch porn with a plot
by symple jack March 14, 2009
An HBO show that was aired for 6 seasons, that started out light hearted, and became deeper as you got to know the 4, 30-something year old, NYC bachelorettes and their many relationships. Very addicting and a great show overall.
Miranda went out with an overeater and he overate her.
by Caity333 May 20, 2005
A dire hour of over-the-hill thirty somethings persuading their equals in the real world that they have a chance of happiness and ever having sex again(when they don't).
Josh loves sex and the city more than his own mother
by morgangills November 09, 2004
A show about 4 usless whores with no morals at all, plus they are all feminist. Any followers of this tv program secretly think like the shallow hoes on this show and are no better then the shit i scrap of my shoes.
the women on hollywood bolavard but with rich apartments and jobs
by steven low November 25, 2004
An HBO series which follows around count chocula, her 3 yuppie friends and their sexcapades in NYC.
Some say carrie from sex and the city looks like a foot, I say she looks like that dracula dude from that cereal.
by Arcade23 May 18, 2010
A show where active lebians pertend to be straight.
Those girls are all over those boys. I think there are like those girls on sex in the city.
by SK!! February 02, 2005
HBO hit that portrays how three friends of main character Carrie help define her yet even their best qualities gathered cannot create perfection. Deals with some basic relationship objectives but focuses on acceptance. Just like NY, you can't love it and it certainly won't love you until you accept it. (...AND yourself)
Carrie has relationships with main sex and the city characters but they seldom interact. She's a sponge. And I'm BIG.
by See example August 01, 2006

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