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1.(n) An attractive or sexually appealing buttocks.
2.(n) A person's anus that is especially pleasurable when partaking in anal intercourse.
1. "That girl has a good sex ass!"
2. "That was a great sex ass."
by JohnDillingerMallone July 28, 2009
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A combination of a compass and sextant that is used to find the correct hole for intercourse.
Tucci and darkhorse23 used a sexass to make sweet smelly love.
by Tucci <3 October 11, 2006
Sexass (seks as) adj. - 1. Exciting, or intended to excite sexual desire 2. Inspiring awe 3. (Slang) Wonderful; impressive
1. "Her sexass body ignited my sexual desires."
2."Wow, that new car is so sexass!"
by eldrscrolls July 19, 2009
Slang pronunciation of Sixaxis, the PS3 controller.
Origin. Termed by the Canadian hosts of VGMDaily.
The PS3 sexasses controller only has three axes on it not six.
by Saccia October 27, 2006

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