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Sever, sunder, split. Separate, divide imply a putting apart or keeping apart of things from each other.
I will bid farewell
SEVER the ties
Now your heart beats back with deception
You have been forsaken
Leave behind all reminders of you!
"A Bid Farewell" by Killswitch Engage.
by Braulio Pereira Filho October 24, 2006
One who never feels the need to pay for food. A person who must keep the back of their car in "their" order, knowing it is actually a mess, making it difficult for others to occupy the back seat. A man who feels the need to be involved in everything and won't let other people have quality time by themselves. A person who feels the need to sit next to a boyfriend and girlfriend in the movie theatre, and then talk through the movie and tries to sound intellectual about it, even though he sounds like a dumbass.
Often a "Severs" opinion and views are drastically skewed and often shoved down a persons throat.
Me: Can't he ever just give us time.
Him: No, that's why his name is Sever.
by hate_on_it August 09, 2008

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