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1. The third person to ever be named by man, means "granted"

2. Adam and Eve's third child after Cain killed Able.
Adam lay with his wife again, and she gave birth to a son and named him Seth, saying, "God has granted me another child in place of Abel, since Cain killed him."
Gen. 4:25
by Christina14327 July 15, 2008
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A fucking beast!!!
seth is a badass at football
by afewagb March 05, 2009
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Someone who can improve your day merely by telling a joke
I was tired, and I forgot to do my math homework, but this kid was joking around and he totally sethed my day.
by SurelyYouLied May 24, 2009
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-Park Ji-Sung's Master
-Name for a fireball that is propelled from the fist/fists
-Pirate and a Ninja at once, therefore defeating the entire ninja/pirate battle.
-Mythological God who is known to have done and be doing all of the above things
'woah! he just Sethed!'
by tim bullock November 20, 2006
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A name which defines membership of an elitist group known as The Seth's, whose members are defined by unusually elevated intelligence and reasoning, as well as great skill in argument. Seth's also have a tendency to be arrogant, conceited, narcissistic, egotistical, and stubborn. Seth's are mostly atheists and pleasure in critically attacking any and all religious beliefs, but mostly pinpoint Christianity. It is generally agreed that Seth's are far superior than all other sects.
Your stupidity is astounding. A Seth could put you in your place easily.
by Seth a.k.a. zerosozha February 28, 2007
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The third son of Adam and Eve. He is the younger brother of Cane and Able. Seth was born after the slaying of Abel by Cain, and Eve believed God had appointed him as replacement for Abel because Cain had killed him.

In Genesis, Seth was born when Adam was 130 years old (Genesis 5:3), "a son in his likeness and image." Genesis 5:4 states that Adam fathered "sons and daughters" before his death, aged 930 years. It is stated in Genesis 4:25that Seth means "granted".

Josephus refers to Seth as virtuous and of excellent character in the Antiquities of the Jews, and reports that his descendants invented the wisdom of the heavenly bodies, and built the "pillars of the sons of Seth", two pillars inscribed with many scientific discoveries and inventions, notably in astronomy. They were built by Seth's descendants based on Adam's prediction that the world would be destroyed at one time by fire and another time by global flood, in order to protect the discoveries and be remembered after the destruction. One was composed of brick, and the other of stone, so that if the pillar of brick should be destroyed, the pillar of stone would remain, both reporting the ancient discoveries, and informing men that a pillar of brick was also erected. Josephus reports that the pillar of stone remained in the land of Siriad in his day.

The Armenian Apostolic Church counts him as one of the Holy Forefathers, along with Adam, Abel, and others, with a feast day of July 26.
Seth - Hebrew: שֵׁת, Standard Šet, Tiberian Šēṯ; Arabic: شيث‎ Shith or Shiyth; "Placed; appointed"
by DaHoB0 June 05, 2009
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The embodiement of awesomeness. A Seth is almost perfect in every way, he is unbelievably intelligent, amazingly sexy, and nicer than you could ever imagine. One would be quite fortunate to meet a Seth, and those who have encountered one never forget the experience.
Girl 1: Look at that Seth!

Girl 2: Oh my god! I think we should talk to him!

Girl 1: No way, he's way out of our leauge.

Girl 2: You're a supermodel for god's sake, just talk to the amazingly awesome Seth! I hear they're really nice.
by ThatOtherKid October 18, 2010
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