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someone who knows how to have fun. they are not egotistical except on certain occasions, will tell you the truth always, will be friends with you no matter who you are(as long as they see some good in you they will associate themselves with you). they are not sex addicts, and are extremely faithfull. they are average people who are extremely nice to others. although, making them mad is not a good idea. do not underestimate them. they are story tellers, and if they have a good story they will share it, but not with the intent to "one up" your story. not all of them are "emo" and like to cut themselves etc.

they have their own style and like to live life to the fullest and arent put down easily.they can make you feel better in an instant because most of them are playfull and love to joke and will do anything to help someone whos down. they are intelligent, and will share their opinions and argue often. but this is okay because either way they will still be friends with you. all of the negative additions down below are most likley not true and just examples of one person( they dont all have blue eyes either). this is a good defintion. if you meet a seth, say hi, become friends and let life take its course. you may come to like them alot.
person 1: this kid is awesome!

person 2: he seems like it!

person 1: i think his names seth?

person 2: that makes sense...
by therealdefinition^^ August 25, 2011

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