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A Super HOT, and SEEXXXAAAAAAYYYYYY dude, even if he can be preverted sometimes.... girls can't resist him! All the girls in our highschool just want to lick his penis, because it gives them great pleasure. He is so sexy, that he makes taylor laughtner feel insecure about his abs.
Seth=Sexy, therefore: people should nickname him- Sexy Seth.
by DaGirlWhoWantsToSuckSethsPenis January 01, 2012
a cute karing kind hearted guy ..... kinda weird and acts gay sometimes but the funniest person you will ever meet and will make you feel good when your feeling down...... makes you laugh so hard your stomach hurts ! really smart and loves books!
person 1 : ahhh that guy is so sweet

person 2 : yea he must be a seth just like that guy seth kline
by bieber haterr October 18, 2011
Seth is an amazing boyfriend when you have him. He is a gentlemen and he knows when to listen and crack a joke to make you laugh he is almost perfect. Seth has one downfall he loves the idea of being in love but he doesnt really know what it is or how it feels so when he tells you he loves you dont think he hasnt told a thousand other girls the same words he just told you. So when you have a Seth dont expect him to stay long because he wont he will be gone before you know it. In friend terms Seth is loyal and will be a friend for life so girls stay friends dont let him become your boyfriend no matter how handsome and sweet he is in the end he will only break your heart. Trust me i know i let him break mine twice......
by Goodbye Honey July 15, 2012
An extremely cool, and sexy person. It definitely not gay, and has a very large penis, is friends with Mitchel who is a faggot. He is Extremely Bitchin, and Seth has a very charming and electrifying personality.

He is a pimp... enjoys pimpin out to bitchez. Enjoys wearing hot sunglasses and dresses nicely. (Not to mention extremely wealthy and generous.) He appears in several movies, and also functions as a highly popular rock star. He is a bad ass pimp who will rape your wife and murder your children, and will make you watch.
Ben: Please! Seth! Don't shoot me!!!! Please!!
Seth: FUCK (*Shoots Ben*) YOU!!
by Steven"stevie"Baker February 02, 2012
Tall, intelligent, semi-funny, solitary, but not emo, and Canadian, Seth is someone who watches a lot of anime and reads many books to the point of breaking. Not the best looking type of guy, Seth is shy when it comes to romance, despite being able to mentally create it perfectly. All he needs is a little confidence to talk to girls, and he could get a girlfriend with a little work. Quite literate, someone who has the right word for each situation or will spend time to find one that works and is even writing a book. Has a select group he sticks with who accept him for who he is, and make the occasional joke at his expense. Faithful, someone who isn't a sex addict, and wouldn't just use and lose a girl, Seth is someone who would like a long lasting relationship with the right girl, should she enter his life. Not the best at video games, he has fun with friends and enjoys himself. Seth is also someone who is a bit of a band geek and isn't afraid to admit his faults, but can admit too much at times. Seth is also a non-believer and not associated with any religious or nonreligious groups, making him neutral. Enjoys music thoroughly and can't get music out of his head at any given time. All in all, Seth is a nice guy looking for a relationship, but needs the confidence to go and get one, and enjoys reading with select music, playing games, and watching anime. He hopes to find a nice girl with similar interests who appreciates him for who he is.
Girl 1: Do you see Seth over there?

Girl 2: Yeah, but he's not that good looking, so he's not worth anything.

Girl 1: I don't know, I spoke with him the other day and he was very nice and considerate, a bit shy though.

Girl 2: Probably never had a girlfriend, so he's just a loser.

Girl 1: He just isn't confident enough to go and get one, even though he probably could with just words alone. He's quite smart.

Girl 2: Fine, it's your funeral.
by DarkAngelofFire September 19, 2012
A total assbutt. Don't go near this guy.
That assbutt Seth, was cheating on me the whole time.
by Xdemon_slayerX January 18, 2014
Seth is the sweetest guy in the whole world. He knows what to say all the time and he will always put a smile on your face. He is known to date one girl, Liza. He loves her with all his heart and always will. He's totally fun and outgoing and is always looking for something to get into ;)
I wish I had a Seth around more often.
by beach_babe69 June 13, 2011