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A last minute thrown together strategy that revolves around strafing left to right and right to left in rapid succession. It will most likely result in failure when the opponent learns of the obvious pattern.
"We're surrounded. What are we gonna do?!"
by The Majick March 15, 2008
The most prominent male sexual organ. This is a guess, btw; draw your own conclusions ;-)
"Feel my, my, my Serpentine" from the Guns n Roses tune "Welcome to the Jungle". This line is sung twice.
by dmj64 May 26, 2014
A serpentine is a woman that is devoid of any sexual restraints. (coined by R. Moscoso-Sydney)
While you are having sex with your girl, you call out to her "my serpentine""you are my serpentine", meaning she's your woman and a woman devoid of any sexual restraints, at that moment.
by Roberto - Sydney October 12, 2013
When a person passes gas, for them as well as those around them, to dart in rapid succession away from the stench.
When he farted, we all had to serpentine.

"Carl, serpentine!"
by toee May 18, 2008
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