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Welsh for star.

Sexy, funny, kind, caring, happy, melancholy, nutty and gorgeous girl.

Hold on to your Seren tightly, don't ever let her leave you!
A Seren is precious
by zelameyer February 03, 2010
Seren is actually welsh for star
The Serens look bright tonight
by Serenbeca February 17, 2006
Seren is Welsh for star!
look at all the serens boyo
by Seren Jones October 05, 2006
Very Pretty and honest girl that you would love <3
A girl Who you would love to have as a friend,
She is Amazing She has curly brown hair ,
She loves soccer And she's Amazing At it,
Seren will always keep a secret,
Almost forgot to mechin that seren is really pretty,
And this is what i love about her that when she doesn't like something and she doesn't want to be rude she will Always Say "Nice" or "Cool" but honestly She doesn't Care.
If you find a "Seren" Make friends with her she is awesome.
by IpodLover136 November 22, 2012
A woman who gives the impression of innocence, but underneath is actually a real minx...
...Yeah, she looks like butter wouldn't melt, but she's actually abit of a Seren!
by Kenttt January 12, 2011
Seren's are usually very attractive, but they realize this and take full advantage of it, which takes away from their beauty. They usually are self absorbed but are always funny and nice for the most part. Seren's can seem innocent but when you get to know them, they are the least innocent people you will ever meet. They are very quick to try and grow up. Seren's are sweet girls and have good intentions but make some mistakes here and there that they will definitely regret for the rest of their lives. Seren's have an outrageous laugh that brightens up everyones moods. If you know a Seren, consider befriending her, you will thank your self all the time, but make sure to keep an eye out for her and prevent her from making more mistakes.
Girl: Hey Seren!
Seren: OMG! HEY!
Girl: Did you hear about Melissa? Hahaha she was chased by this huge dog yesterday! It was hilarious! We wished you were there!!!
Seren: *laughs* That sounds soooo much fun! I'm glad y'all had fun
Girl: Wow Seren! Your'e laugh... it just made my day!!! Thanks Seren!
by iloveseren June 26, 2013
short for Serendipity
welsh for star
gaelic for Trevor

St. Seren is the patron saint of vinyl

noun - vegetable similar to swede & rutabaga

verb - to seren = dance with gay abandon

adj - Superhero-like fashion tendencies

eg: those pants are totally seren
today we are praying to St Seren that we find some vintage 12"
I want a side of seren with my pork
Did you see that girl on the dancefloor? She was totally serening her ass off
by rojaroll April 12, 2011
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