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Sexy, perfect, beautiful
Rachael can only be described as a Sentra.
by Brandon March 18, 2005
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when the Sentra SE-R is mated with the SR20DET Pulsar GTiR, it will own almost anything its run against.
The Sentra picks on cars twice its size.
by Nismo October 12, 2003
It's the most fuckin bad-ass car ever made. There is just nothing coomparable. The '89 and '92 are the best!!
The <Sentra> E-class is bad-ass!
by Anonymous July 02, 2003
Old and Japanese.
Low performer.
Pretends to corner well.
Not as torque-y as any Domestic competition, or even any Japanese competition.

Have you seen Gary's Sentra? What a ghetto, rackety pile of crap. The thing has shit for suspension, it handles like ass, and the thing is louder than a fat man with a snore!
by MatthewWI May 16, 2007
a car used to take little girls to churches an "trick" them into giving head an other sexual acts.
andy used his sentra to get some cuz he didnt have to skill to get some on his own
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
the 96 sentra 4dr is the shiznit, especially if it is in a silver color, it is the best sentra ever made, a 92 wouldnt even compare.
damn, that b14 sentra smoked that b13!
by webster April 13, 2004
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