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4 definitions by Nismo

Nissan car that is very common in the drifting world.
Its front/rear weight balance makes it very reliable in drifting.
This car is very well made, but unfortunately it's production has been stopped, but Nissan has made a newer version of it as a concept car.
It is very modifiable, you can keep the stock engine or put in the SR20DET. Both of which are very well made.
The 1991 - 93 models have a stronger engine than the older models.
Long live the SX series
"What car do you want?"
"The 240sx"
by Nismo March 28, 2006
What a Civic does once he's been owned.
I had a couple of greyhounds on the Civic when he pulled his little ricer flyby.
by Nismo October 12, 2003
when the Sentra SE-R is mated with the SR20DET Pulsar GTiR, it will own almost anything its run against.
The Sentra picks on cars twice its size.
by Nismo October 12, 2003
That time period with the stuff of one thousand years or something
d00d, I haven't been cool for the last millennium, it suxors.
by Nismo December 15, 2003