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a trim level for nissan cars with sporting flavor. original SE-R was the 91-94(B13) Sentra's, an inconspicuous pocket rocket powered by the venerable SR20DE engine, sporty suspension tuning, a driver oriented interior and subtle exterior enhancements. good definition of a "sleeper"
daymn y0, that junk ass sentra just whooped my vtec :bitchslap: that aint no regular sentra f00, thats an SE-R!
by racer-x May 07, 2005
High-performance trim level of the B15 Sentra (or 200sxa) that features specially tuned suspension and higher output engine (QR25). Also available in Spec-V trim.
My SE-R toasted a Civic Si.
by Scott Haag May 27, 2003
short for serious
is it pos for someone to be def ser about something that is def not pos to be ser about
by kingss49 January 30, 2003
Another way of saying yes, si, or serp. When typing or when writing, you can add as many "r's" as you want. (serrrr)this just makes it more emphasized.
"What do you want to do today....tu modge?"

by alisnotaman April 19, 2008
Smooth Endoplasmatic Reticulum. Regions of Endoplasmatic Reticulum that lack bound ribosomes. Sometimes called transitional ER because they contain ER exit sites from which transport vesicles carrying newly synthesized proteins and lipids bud off for transport to the Golgi apparatus.
the newly synthesized proteins are transported from the SER to the Golgi apparatus
by heatcliff April 02, 2005
It's an abbreviation for "Servus", meaning "goodbye" or "cu" in European (mostly german, swiss, austrian) chatrooms, mmorpgs, etc.
a:cya and gn8
by janwildegans June 21, 2007
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