When pleasuring thyself during the stance of the fetal position.
My girlfriend is so flexible, I walk in on her giving a self-potato, and I didn't mind.
by Jonny Boi War January 07, 2010
Top Definition
To pleasure yourself or others using potatos.

This word was first used on wheel of fortune when a contestant guessed the mystery phrase to be "self-potatos" when the correct answer was in fact "self portrait".

This word was also used on a youtube episode of RayWilliamJohnson to make fun of the contestant
My girlfriend always gives me self-potatos.

I'm gonna go home and give myself some self-potatoes tonight.
by L33TNINJ4Gurl January 07, 2010
1. Spreading sour cream and chives on oneself and allowing ones partner to lick it off them.
2. A terrible Wheel-of-Fortune guess.
Woa! That's the guy that always tries to get girls to self-potato with him! What a parns.
by zonnila August 27, 2010
A colony of random potatos that are conceited.
He always looks at himself in the mirror. He's so fat that he could be a self-potato.
by TheExcercistLenalee July 12, 2010
A slang term used to describe a woman grabbing her own breasts when she is lonely or just for fun. This term can also be referred to as “mashed potatoes”; which is the feeling of breasts when they are copped, groped or squished.

(Can also be said as “potato” when someone else does it to a woman, or even a large man.)
One boob feels bigger than the other when I self-potato
by The Squirrel & The Kitty February 15, 2010
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