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The best game show (next to Price is Right) in the world. What's better than spinning a wheel to win money?
Contestant: I'd like to solve the puzzle: Supercalifragelistcexpialidocious
by Yelsew Foolface April 12, 2005
A game show where it always seems the contestants they pick make ridiculous mistakes, and you wish that you were lucky enough to have a chance to make thousands just by saying your ABCs and spinning a big wheel.
Aaah Wheel of Fortune... or is it Wheel of Misfortune? In any case, the chances of getting onto this show are so miniscule that it's almost ridiculous.
by Adel7 November 30, 2007
When a guy is standing up vertically and sticks his dick into a chick's vag pipe. He then proceeds to spin her using his dick as the hinge. if the guy's head ends up in between the girls legs, he puts her down and eats her out like a dog. if her head is near his at the end of the spin cycle, he places her down, and cums in her mouth.
john:Yo i gave my girlfriend the wheel of fortune last night!!
matt: oh ya?
john: yup, she got a load in her mouth.
by q daddyyy February 14, 2011
A sex game in which a naked woman sits in a rotatable chair, surrounded by anywhere from three to six men. The chair and the woman are spun and who ever she is facing when the chair stops gets to fuck her. This is very similar to spin the bottle, but with only one person in the middle.
Matt, Cody, and Timmy had an awesome time playing wheel of fortune last night with Sarah.
by Blake69 October 16, 2006
a bunch of dude stand around a round table with their erections lying on the table. a girl lays on the table spins her around and what ever dick she stops at, she has to suck
i got a blow job from playing wheel of fortune last night
by bigbadmet June 08, 2007
A Sex Position involving three men, and a dwarf woman. Two of the men fuck the girl pig roast style (one in the front hole, one in the back hole) standing up, so that the dwarf girls legs aren't touching the ground. Then the third guy stands next to them, and spins the midget girl around.
Yo that midget girl got wheel of fortuned.
by Positioner Pal October 13, 2010
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