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To pleasure yourself or others using potatos.

This word was first used on wheel of fortune when a contestant guessed the mystery phrase to be "self-potatos" when the correct answer was in fact "self portrait".

This word was also used on a youtube episode of RayWilliamJohnson to make fun of the contestant
My girlfriend always gives me self-potatos.

I'm gonna go home and give myself some self-potatoes tonight.
#potatos #portrait #self #queen #king #raywilliamjohnson #squaids
by L33TNINJ4Gurl January 07, 2010
Someone who reads multiple books without finishing them, and will occasionally go back to reading a book when it is convenient.
Person 1:"Jamie just started reading 'The Lovely Bones' again."

Person 2:"I lent that to her two months ago that Book Whore!"

Dude 1:"I finally started reading 'The Road' is it good?"

Dude 2:"You've just started reading it?"

Dude 1:" Yep, just call me your local Book Whore."
#book slut #whore aboot #book worm #book-smart #bookadobba doooooooooohhhhh
by L33TNINJ4Gurl October 19, 2009
Taxing your friends or partners by taking a portion of they're meal.
Friend 1:"Hey you just jacked my fries!!!"

Friend 2:"I didn't jack them! That was Friend Tax."
#friend tab #friend tenure #friend thief #friend sweep #friend trap
by L33TNINJ4Gurl October 19, 2009
The holiday Rememberance Day that small children have accidentally come to know as Novemberance Day, most likely due to the fact that it is in November.
Boy: "Hey mom are we gonna get poppies this Novemberance Day?"

Mom: "Hmm? Oh! Don't you mean Rememberance Day?"

Boy:(embarrassed) "Yeah, that one."
#day #rememberance #november #chucktober #holiday
by L33TNINJ4Gurl November 10, 2009
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