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Drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!!
Man, that guy over there is so dang seky!!!!
by Des March 27, 2005
actually... it can also be a name, like my name 1st name, Sekela aka Seky.
Travel a bit more, then u'll find out.
but thanks, ppl, 4sayin it means sexy (^_^)
Mum: hey Seky, pls go and get ur daddy for me honey.
Seky: k, mum.

HOTSTUFF: damn Seky, u so sexy, pls be my girl
Seky: dude, i already am.
HOTSTUFF: okay, just makin sure! damn u fyn.
by Rita Mwaikinda May 05, 2005
DrOp DeAd gOrGeOuS!!!!!
I'd like to get to know that seky man!
by grrrrrrrl March 27, 2005
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