past tense of 'seen'; saw.
"yeah, I seen't you at the club last night."

(the pronounciation is usually combined with the following word. ex- 'seen't you' would be pronounced 'seentchu')
by megachaos March 16, 2007
Top Definition
We seent choo, we seent yo white behind on da tee vee.
by irehs February 17, 2009
1. The past participle of "once saw" or "have seen". Usually used by uneducated African American natives or Rednecks.
"I seen't you rip someone's jaw bone off once. I SEEN'T IT!" - Matheson (Craig Robertson)/Pineapple Express (2008)
by LetsGetRealWeird July 16, 2014
when someone has seen your facebook message, because it says they seen it at a certain time, you would usually only have to use it if they had seen it and they have not responded, you would use seent; Pretty much the same as saw, but directly related to a fb message.
"I know you seent my message at 21:35, it's been 7 hours and you ain't got shit to say, acting like you ain't seent it.
by CRo12985 March 09, 2014
The contraction of "see" and "not".
"Unless you filled your hard drive with porn overnight, I seen't why installing this program should be a problem."
by Arelim August 04, 2006
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