while receiving oral sex fake an orgasm then cum in your hand and throw it over her face when she's not expecting it
"my girl was giving me head the other day, i came in my hand and threw it over her face when she wasn't expecting it. now that's good sea gulling"
by b.w September 18, 2007
to cum into your hand then chuck it at someone, like bird shit
also, if a couple are dogging, or just having sex in a car you wank onto the car so it looks like birds have shit on the car
i seagulled this guy once, he was not amused but i enjoy seagulling
by Evan4401 October 09, 2010
Repeating the same thing over and over, especially in a large group, expecting the repetition to sway others or to have some added authority or power. Found especially in online debate communities when rules are cited repeatedly to silence an opposing viewpoint. From the movie, "Finding Nemo"
I tried to get them to listen to me, but they just kept seagulling rules and logical fallacies at me.
by Zalphaprime May 30, 2014
When your having a romantic evening on the beach with your girlfriend and you decide that having sex in missionary is too boring, you then pop your self out stick it in the sand and then back. She immediately starts making a sound like a seagull.
Dude 1: my girlfriend got a uti
Dude 2:how?

Dude 1: I gave a good old seagulling.
by MarkyWallberg69 May 27, 2016
To vomit while irrumated, that is, with a cock in your mouth, but soldiering on and finishing the job, letting the vomit add to the experience.
"Yeah I Seagulling on him but he doesn't know, he loved it, thought I was just really good at giving head."
by Marquis de minge May 03, 2014
When guys swarm all over a drunk/single girl at a bar/club/party like seagulls at the beach fighting over scraps of food.
Look at those losers seagulling the hell out of that drunk chick.
by JAlexander February 14, 2012
To spaff on someone from a great height, usually from a tall building.
She looked up at the wrong moment and she got a hot monocle as well as a good seagulling
by TLO Smudge April 26, 2004
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